North Texas
 Children's Charities 

North Texas Children's Charities
The North Texas Children's Charities is a 501(c)3 Corporation and volunteer organization that supports local, regional and national charities that provide care for and support to desperately ill and special needs children. The North Texas Children's Charities team are the hosts of the North Texas Bicycle Rally. The Bicycle Rally is one of our primary fund raising events. The Children's Charities team consists of North Texas based professional men, women, College and High School students, teenagers and children that donate their personal time and money to help organize and host these charitable events.

The North Texas Children's Charities and the North Texas  Bicycle Rally has raised funds and distributed 100 percent of all donations, after event expenses, with absolutely no administrative expenses.

North Texas Children's Charities major benefactors are: 

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ($203,250 raised since NTCC inception)
  • Camp Summit - Special Needs Camp ($56,000 raised since NTCC inception)
  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation ($12,000 raised since 2013)
  • North Texas Community Storehouse  ($20,000 raised in 2010)
  • Roanoke Food Pantry ($4,000 raised in 2009)

North Texas Children's Charities depends on Volunteers to help organize and host our fund raising events. Our oldest volunteer is Barbara at a spry 82 years young and our youngest volunteer is Hayden at 5 yeas of age.

If you or your company would like to participate in our volunteer program please send us an e-mail, we can certainly use the help with our charity efforts.

Would you like to Volunteer? Contact us @ 

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